Voice of The Buyer Copywriting

Sales are flat.

Growth is stalled.

You don’t have enough leads.

Nobody cares. Nobody engages with you.

That sucks.

I have a way to solve that problem.

I call it The Voice of The Buyer MethodTM.

It’s based on a simple idea: You don’t have to write great sales messages, if you can hear them.

What do I mean?

It’s easy.

Listen to your buyers talking about their problems and your solutions.

You see, no matter how well you do what you do, you are NOT your buyers. Your thoughts are not their thoughts. Your words are not their words.

That means buyers speak the language of other buyers better than you do.

Which makes them better at selling your business than you are.

How do you “hear” the voice of your buyers?

  • Read their comments on your social media
  • Listen to them talking by phone or in person
  • Analyze testimonials and reviews about your business

What do you do with the words of your buyers?

Use their language in all of your marketing — web pages, slide decks, phone scripts, emails, videos, direct mail, brochures, etc.

It’s a way to trigger new sales in your business that’s predictable, profitable, and proven.

Want an example worth about $100 million?

My client Steve hired me to write a sales letter. He wanted to grow his chain of pet stores and knew he could do it by direct mail.

Using The Voice of The Buyer Copywriting Method, that’s what we did.

Here’s the letter …

Voice of The Buyer Copywriting example

What’s with all those red boxes?

I added those to show you all the words of actual customers — the Voice of the Buyer. As you can see, it’s about 50% of the letter.

Where did I find those words?

I analyzed loads of customer testimonials and results from surveys. I talked to my neighbors who owned dogs. I even eavesdropped on dog owner conversations as they shopped in pet store near me.

My goal was to fill Steve’s letter with as much customer language as possible, so the message would resonate with customers.

Here are examples of what I wrote (which was really just listening to buyers):

  • Is my dog overweight?
  • What’s the difference between all those dog foods?
  • Which products are safe for flea and tick control?

Result: The letter I wrote was mailed across America for 5 years, helping grow Steve’s business from 9 to 45 stores and $102 million in sales. (He later sold his business for a tidy sum.)


Want another example, this one B2B?

My client Mike hired me to write a sales letter. He said, “We had virtually nothing in our sales pipeline. We were really in a bind.”

Problem: His company sells a B2B software as a service (SaaS) that’s not cheap. It’s a 5- and 6-figure price tag. The sales cycle usually takes 6-12 months, involving multiple decision makers.

Solution: I reviewed dozens of client testimonials about Mike’s SaaS, then created a campaign in the voice of his buyers.

Here are examples of what I wrote:

  • Hours and hours of repetitive work. Lots of entering the same information over and over in different spreadsheets and documents. There’s so much duplicated effort.
  • Training workers. Especially when they forget their user names and passwords, or you have to deliver in-person training. It’s mentally draining and it takes you away from the other work you have to do.
  • It’s not just how difficult our work is, but how it affects us and our families personally. It’s tough when the long work hours take us away from our loved ones at home.

Important: None of that came from my head. Those words came from buyers — it’s their voice.

When a prospect got our letter, they felt an immediate connection. Because it spoke to them in their language.

And by delivering the letter by U.S. Mail (not email), we built trust faster.

Result: We put $300,000 in Mike’s sales pipeline in 60 days. Which changed the game for his company. They’ve been busy for the past two years — and counting.


Want one more example, this one B2C?

My client Ryan hired me to write a sales letter. His sales guy had quit and he was in a bind. He wanted to buy more distressed real estate by phone without having to meet and sell to prospects in person.

Problem: Selling your home to a stranger is a big deal. It requires a LOT of trust, which usually takes a LOT of time — meetings, conversations, checking references, etc.

Solution: I listened to recordings of Ryan talking to prospects and clients by phone and used those words throughout my sales letter.

Here are examples of what I wrote:

  • You may feel frustrated and fed-up and want to get rid of that house because of tenants who won’t pay the rent … or no tenants … or you’re facing costly repair bills.
  • You can get rid of your rental property headaches with no repairs or inspection fees … no need to tell the tenants you’re selling … no real estate commissions to pay … and an incredibly fast closing.
  • You can use this money to pay urgent expenses or medical bills … take a cruise or vacation with your family … ensure your retirement is worry-free — there are no restrictions.

Important: None of that came from my head. Those words came from buyers — it’s their voice.

People either said those things out loud, or were thinking them based on what they did say.

So, when a prospect got our letter, they felt an immediate connection. Because it spoke to them in their language.

And by sending that letter by U.S. Priority Mail (instead of by email), we built trust faster.

Result: We put $250,000 in his sales pipeline in 7 days, and eventually over $730,000. His ROI was staggering, allowing him to take a long vacation to Mexico and go into semi-retirement.


Bottom Line: When you listen to the voice of your buyers — and use their language — it can change the game for your business, almost overnight.

I’ve done it multiple times for my clients – B2B and B2C.

That’s what’s possible with my Voice of the Buyer Copywriting method.

Wondering if it can work for your business?

I’d be happy to answer your questions and explore what’s possible in a Client Cloning Conversation by phone.

Don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch or pressure. Please. I don’t need to sell anyone. You either recognize the value of this idea or you don’t. Plus, if you feel any sales pressure on our call, I’ll donate $100 to your favorite charity.

You can schedule a conversation with me here.

Too shy to talk? You can grab a Free Client Cloning Kit here.

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