Thinking is Linking (and Profitable)

It’s been said that thinking is linking.

By spotting new patterns in data and making new connections in our head, we can find new solutions.

Which is why real thinking can be profitable to your business.

Here’s a story to illustrate, worth $462,363 …

Once upon a time, my client Bill asked me to test new ideas for a sales page on his website.

It was doing great, but he thought it could do better.

So I took a look at it … and … immediately something jumped out.

The layout was confusing.

In particular, there were two animated banner headlines at the top of the web page. I thought they were distracting and hurt sales.

But my client, an outstanding copywriter, was too close to his work to see what I saw. For him, it was like trying to read the label from inside the bottle.

What’s more, he hadn’t spent years reviewing and tweaking hundreds of web pages for clarity, as I did as Webmaster for from 1995-1998 and over 20+ years as a copywriter.

From my experience, I learned that a confused mind will always say no, especially when it’s one click away from exiting your web page.

My resulting rule of thumb: Clarity beats persuasion online.

So, by linking hundreds of examples in my head to my client’s web page in front of me, I suggested a simple change: “Let’s remove the banners.”

What happened next?

Take a look at the graphic below …


Thinking is Linking


Sales before removing the banners: $9,449.

Sales after removing the banners: $13,895.

When you do the math …

I added $8,891 a week to my client’s business.

This put my client on track to add $462,363 a year EXTRA to his business — without spending a penny more on advertising.

It’s a dramatic example of good — and profitable — thinking.

No, I don’t claim to be a genius or even to think well all the time.

But I do have a head full of experience and a handful of checklists to keep me on track.

Good thinking happens when you draw upon your experience to spot patterns in what you’re looking at.

Once you’ve found a matching pattern, you can link a solution in your head to the situation at hand.

Thinking like this is what all professional experts do — doctors, pilots, marketers, you name it.

Try it. And profit :-)

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