The Walking Outside Prospecting Video Framework

Here are my results testing a terrific new marketing idea from Josh Braun

The Idea: Shoot a video of yourself walking outside, in which you spotlight a potential problem you can help prospects with. Do one personal video for each prospect. Send the video embedded in a LinkedIn message to prospects you want to start conversations with.

Below is a link to his original post on the idea.

Josh Braun video prospecting

Josh’s idea is terrific because it’s a pattern interrupt — every other video your prospects will see is shot by someone sitting at their desk. That’s boring.

My Test: I swerved a bit and implemented differently. I kept Josh’s basic framework of shooting a video outside and shining a light on a potential problem.

But I made a few changes based on my business model, not because I don’t trust Josh, but because I don’t need to prospect.

I did the following 4 things:


1) I shot 8 videos for inactive prospects already in my CRM. That’s because I do very well maximizing sales to the prospects I already have and get from direct mail and referrals. Your business may be different, of course.

Below is a screen cap of one of those videos.

All 8 videos follow a similar script:

“Hi Steve, it’s Kevin Donlin and this is Hulk (pan to happy French bulldog chewing a toy). You may know that I’ve written a lot of email promotions for Dan Kennedy’s private clients and I know you’re using email to market your business. Was wondering if you have a way to follow up with prospects and actually retarget them if they’re ignoring your emails? I’m doing it for myself and clients right now and we’re getting open rates approaching 100%. That you might be interested in that. Let me know if you are.”


2) I sent 4 of the videos by LinkedIn messenger.

Results: Within 16 hours, I got 0 replies.

(Important: The videos were not embedded in LinkedIn messages, but sent as attachments, because I uploaded them from my laptop. This caused at least one person to reply asking if the video was from me or a phisher/hacker. It may explain why I got 0 replies. If you’re sending videos by LinkedIn, you should embed them in the message using the LinkedIn app, not attach them from your laptop as I did.)


3) I sent 4 of the videos by email, using Vidyard for embedding. I like Vidyard because it tells you if anyone has viewed the video, so you’re not in the dark. Below is a screen cap of that email.


Results: Within 16 hours, I got 1 reply (“Hahaha love it!”), which is an excuse to follow up with that prospect.

Three days later, I got another reply from a prospect who wrote: “Hey Kevin! I’m interested. We’re not currently doing anything like that.”


4) ** WILDCARD ** I posted a version of that video to my LinkedIn feed.

Since Josh’s video framework is so good (shine a light on a potential problem, outside instead of at a desk) I thought it would resonate with my LinkedIn audience. Below is a link to that video.

Results: Within 16 hours, the video got 130 impressions and 2 sales of my Paper Email Micro Course.


OVERALL RESULTS: I got 2 responses on 8 videos sent to inactive prospects and 2 new customers from a video posted to my LinkedIn feed. That’s a Win. I will continue to iterate and improve on this.


OVERALL VERDICT: This idea from Josh Braun is absolutely worth testing, especially if you follow his video framework more closely than I did.

And you should definitely invest in his Badass B2B Growth Guide, which I love, use and recommend :-)

Questions? Comment below.

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