The “$400,000 a Year” Direct-Mail Secret

In this video, you’ll see how direct mail can transform your business by making a personal connection with ideal buyers.

Watch to discover:

  • How one entrepreneur is on the brink of netting $400,000 a year, for MANY years
  • Why he can pyramid that one $400,000 deal into MANY more deals
  • How we wrote his sales letter “without writing” — and how you can, too

Bottom Line: When you listen to the voice of your buyers — and use their language — it can change the game for your business, almost overnight.

I’ve done it multiple times for my clients – B2B and B2C.

That’s what’s possible with my Voice of the Buyer Copywriting method.

Wondering if it can work for your business?

I’d be happy to answer your questions and explore what’s possible in a Free Client Cloning Conversation by phone.

Don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch or pressure.

Because I don’t need to sell anyone. You either recognize the value of these ideas or you don’t.

Plus, if you feel any sales pressure on our call, I’ll donate $100 to your favorite charity.

You can schedule a Free Client Cloning Conversation here.


Not ready to talk? Grab a Free Client Cloning Kit here.

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