Tangible Marketing: Get Real With Direct Mail

Are prospects ignoring your marketing online?

Are sales are taking way too long to happen?

You’re not alone.

What’s causing it?

Well, it’s probably not because you’re lazy or your online marketing is awful.

The real problem is … attention.

It’s getting harder and more expensive every day to get noticed online.

The numbers are stacked against you.

You and your prospects are exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 marketing messages a day online, according to 2023 figures from Lunio.

Let’s be conservative, and say your content is one of 6,000 that prospects will see online today.

One in 6,000.

That’s like you and 5,999 other penguins all trying to catch a handful of fish.

I don’t like those odds, do you?

The fact that you found this post is a small miracle.

Which is why I never, EVER depend on online marketing alone to reach my audience.

Nor should you.

Instead, play a different game.

Go offline, with tangible marketing, where there’s LESS competition for attention.

For instance, direct mail.

When was the last time you had 6,000 letters in your mailbox?


You might get 3-5 a day right now.

And when you take out the letters that are clearly bills or advertisements …

… you might get 2-3 personalized letters a week.

Now, think.

tangible marketing with direct mail

Tangible marketing with direct mail (Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash)

What if your tangible marketing message arrives in a hand-addressed envelope, with a live stamp and no advertising copy on the outside?

It’s probably the ONLY such envelope your prospects will find in their mailbox.

Will it get attention? And get opened?

I think so.

In any case, the odds are better than 6,000 to one, aren’t they?

But let’s get specific.

Let’s talk about my client, David.

He mailed one of my sales letters to decision makers at 14 organizations in January.

The envelope was hand-addressed, with a live stamp and no advertising copy on the outside.

Three prospects have reached out and scheduled a consultation.

That’s a response rate of … 21%.

For perspective, a very good response rate in direct mail is 1-2%.

Potential revenue for those 3 prospects is as follows:

Prospect A: $47,500
Prospect B: $72,656
Prospect C: $20,000

If those 3 prospects buy, it’s $140,156 in sales of their high-end B2B product.

From less than $100 spent on printing and postage.

That means my client is on track to earn $1,401.56 back for every $1 put in.

Yes, of course, the sales still have to close … don’t count your chickens … I get it.



If you’re frustrated trying get leads and sales online, where it’s a STRUGGLE to get attention …

… consider tangible marketing, where it’s comparatively EASY to get attention.


What if you’re still stuck on the idea that online marketing is (mostly) free, while tangible marketing costs money?


Simply increase the lifetime value of your clients until you can afford it.

Here’s how:

* offer more value, then increase your prices
* upsell more during the sale
* cross sell more after the sale
* increase retention
* earn and ask for more referrals

Doing any one of those will increase the value of your clients.

Doing two or more can significantly increase their value.

Which makes it more affordable to acquire new clients offline.

And another thing: When you do offline marketing, your competitors online can’t see what you’re doing.

Which gives you a competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, anyone can copy your online marketing funnel and start siphoning off your profits in an afternoon.

Smart offline marketing is a virtuous circle that builds your profits while digging a moat around your business.

That’s a win-win for you.

By the way, the irony of posting this message online is NOT lost on me.

Which is why I’m printing and mailing it to readers of my printed newsletter next week :-)

Bottom line: Go offline.

Get real, with tangible marketing.

When you do, you can enjoy real profits in your business.

Curious about how this might work for you?

I’d be happy to answer your questions and explore what’s possible in a Client Cloning Conversation by phone.

Don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch or pressure. Please. I don’t need to sell anyone. You either recognize the value of this idea or you don’t. Plus, if you feel any sales pressure on our call, I’ll donate $100 to your favorite charity.

Book a Client Cloning Conversation here.

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