Real Emotional Marketing in a Digital World

Want more new clients?

If so, here’s a framework I’m using to help my own clients grow their sales.

And it works even against deep-pocketed competitors armed with ChatGPT and other AI.

But first, some history.

This framework is based on an idea developed back in 1980 by the ad agency Foote Cone Belding.

Their idea is called …

The FCB Grid

On the top, it goes from analytical (thinking) to emotional (feeling).

As you know, people buy based on emotions, then use logic or thinking to justify their decision.

The sooner you give your product or service an emotional appeal, the faster you can sell it.

On the left side, it goes from complex to simple.

A complex product requires time and research before buying.

Examples include life insurance and tax prep software. A simple product needs little or no explanation before buying. Examples include ice cream and greeting cards.

As you can see, the grid shows how Apple positioned themselves against a crowded field of competitors in 1984, when they launched the Macintosh. Computers from IBM and others were complex and intimidating. By contrast, the Mac was simple and inviting. When you saw one, you just wanted it — like ice cream. The sale was quick and emotional, bypassing logical thinking.

Bottom line: Occupying your own square on the FCB Grid can be a good thing.

Now, here’s a new take on that idea. I call it …


The Real Emotional Marketing Grid

You’ll see the same traits along the top, from analytical to emotional.

It’s still a good idea to make EMOTIONAL appeals in your marketing, because it bypasses sales resistance.

One way to find them is to mine your testimonials and reviews for phrases containing emotional words (love, hate, relief, worry, etc.). Then, use those phrases in your marketing. When your marketing speaks the emotional language of buyers, you will get their attention — and their sales.

But here’s a twist …

Instead of trying to change what you sell to make it simple (like a Mac) … you can change what you say to make it REAL. Think of FedEx or direct mail (like this letter!) … in-person client visits … a live event … gifts of food — they’re all physical, tangible.

By contrast, most of your competitors’ marketing is digital. Think of cold emails … AI-generated videos … Facebook ads … bot-tweets on Twitter … spam messages on LinkedIn — they’re all bits and bytes, intangible.

I’m not saying to ignore digital marketing.

But I am saying, don’t make it your total focus.

Because there will always be a competitor with more money and better tech than you.

In a race to the bottom of digital efficiency, you’ll get run over.

Why not race to the top — and be more human, emotional, real?

Now, if you like these ideas …

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