So You’d Like To Do The Marketing Quick Win?

First, let’s see if this is right for you.

The Quick Win isn’t for everybody. Here’s how to make sure this is a good fit for your business:

Who This Is For:

  • You have at least one marketing asset that’s doing well – website, sales letter, print ad, etc.
  • You have at least 1-3 delighted clients to serve as case studies
  • You have a good CRM in place

Who This Is Not For:

  • You think social media and content marketing are magic bullets
  • You don’t have a CRM to capture leads or manage customers
  • You’re not willing to try direct mail or warm calls to contact prospects

Here’s What You Get in The Marketing Quick Win:

  • Profit X-Ray Session. We take a deep dive into your business to reveal your strengths, weaknesses, dangers, and opportunities. Goal: Identify at least 5 opportunities for short- and long-term profit 
  • Quick Win Project. We go after your low-hanging fruit with a 30-day marketing push. Deliverables may include sales letters … print ads … emails … landing pages … webinar and video scripts … whatever it takes
    • Example 1: $77,098 from a client reactivation campaign for The Prouty Project, in Eden Prairie, MN
    • Example 2: $45,000 (and counting) from a print ad for Gardner’s Mattress and More, Lancaster, PA
    • Example 3: $32,400 (and counting) from an email promotion for Travel Advisors, Chanhassen, MN
  • Windfall Profit Email Pack. Three email templates that produce new sales from cold leads, old clients, and joint venture partners. Response rates of 20-40% are common with these 3 emails

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What Others Say:

Jeb Breithaupt, JEB Design Build

  • "We mailed the letter Kevin wrote. The results were pretty incredible - $77,098 in new revenues...

    …with more to come by the end of the year. It was our first time to send a direct-mail promotion like this to existing accounts already on the books, and the return on investment for your services was off the charts!
    — Jeff Prouty, Chairman and Founder, the Prouty Project, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • "Kevin Donlin created an outstanding magazine ad for us. We're in a very competitive industry and we measure the ROI on our marketing down to the penny, so we know a good ad when we see one. Kevin's ad was a home run -- we got more than 100 potential customers with a 15% immediate conversion rate in the door and over $325,945 in revenue to date.

    Plus we got 85 more leads that we can bring into the store and sell to later. Our total return on investment was better than 10 to 1. We’re very happy with the results, which have expanded our market to new cities and created new opportunities for us. Thanks Kevin! We’ll be using you again to create more ads.”
    — Jeff Giagnocavo and Ben McClure, Gardner’s Mattress and More, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • "In our initial email, we had a total of 30 phone calls and email requests for assistance from 2,291 emails sent. Far better response than we have ever had before.

    In recent years, lucky to get 3 to 5 responses. We sold $32,400 in travel packages, including a trip to Tahiti and a Jamaica honeymoon. Great work!”
    — Earl Milbrath, Travel Advisors International, Chanhassen, Minnesota

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