Thinking is Linking (and Profitable)

It’s been said that thinking is linking. By spotting new patterns in data and making new connections in our head, we can find new solutions. Which is why real thinking can be profitable to your business. Here’s a story to illustrate, worth $462,363 … Once upon a time, my client Bill asked me to test new ideas for a sales … Read More

The Walking Outside Prospecting Video Framework

Here are my results testing a terrific new marketing idea from Josh Braun The Idea: Shoot a video of yourself walking outside, in which you spotlight a potential problem you can help prospects with. Do one personal video for each prospect. Send the video embedded in a LinkedIn message to prospects you want to start conversations with. Below is a … Read More

Voice of The Buyer Copywriting

Sales are flat. Growth is stalled. You don’t have enough leads. Nobody cares. Nobody engages with you. That sucks. I have a way to solve that problem. I call it The Voice of The Buyer MethodTM. It’s based on a simple idea: You don’t have to write great sales messages, if you can hear them. What do I mean? It’s … Read More

Want Referrals? Discover The Referral Partners Secret

  Want more referrals? You should. Here’s why: Referrals are powerful social proof, as defined by Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence. That’s because we humans are a tribal bunch. When we’re not sure what to do in a given situation, we look around to see what others are doing. If other people are doing something, that’s “proof” it’s probably … Read More

Kaizen Marketing: $2.1-Million Windfall Example

Want a shortcut to success in your business? Try kaizen marketing. You know what marketing means. The word kaizen combines two Japanese characters that mean “change” and “good.” (FYI, I lived in Tokyo for nearly 3 years and never heard the word kaizen in conversation. We talked more about beer and baseball :-) Anyway, let’s use this definition for kaizen … Read More

Real Emotional Marketing in a Digital World

Want more new clients? If so, here’s a framework I’m using to help my own clients grow their sales. And it works even against deep-pocketed competitors armed with ChatGPT and other AI. But first, some history. This framework is based on an idea developed back in 1980 by the ad agency Foote Cone Belding. Their idea is called … The … Read More

What is Client Cloning?

“I have no idea why everyone’s interested in new clients.” So said Bill Bain, founder of Bain & Company, as quoted by author and former Bain partner, Richard Koch. “We don’t need new clients. We should have built-in growth from existing clients if we’re doing our job correctly,” said Bain. In an interview with Tim Ferriss, Koch went on to … Read More