Real Emotional Marketing in a Digital World

Want more new clients? If so, here’s a framework I’m using to help my own clients grow their sales. And it works even against deep-pocketed competitors armed with ChatGPT and other AI. But first, some history. This framework is based on an idea developed back in 1980 by the ad agency Foote Cone Belding. Their idea is called … The … Read More

Tangible Marketing: Get Real With Direct Mail

Are prospects ignoring your marketing online? Are sales are taking way too long to happen? You’re not alone. What’s causing it? Well, it’s probably not because you’re lazy or your online marketing is awful. The real problem is … attention. It’s getting harder and more expensive every day to get noticed online. The numbers are stacked against you. You and … Read More

B2B Direct Marketing Tips: Simple and Proven

Do you own a great business? Want more new clients, especially with B2B direct marketing? Whether you sell a product or service, try these tips …   1) Make Marketing Job #1 This is a simple mindset that can lead to major breakthroughs. But you may ask, Why is marketing job #1 and not sales? Because marketing, done right, makes … Read More