The Retention Marketing Secret?

What’s the secret to retaining clients so they buy and refer for years? Two words: Surprise and Delight. To illustrate, let me tell you the story of The $10,000 Rice Krispies Treat. You see, a while back, I stayed at the Westin Downtown hotel, in Austin, TX. My client, Bill, was hosting a big meeting for some of his clients. … Read More

B2B Direct Mail: The World’s Best Investment?

If someone offered you an investment, where you put in $100 and get back $120,156 … … would you take it? That’s what’s possible for your business with B2B direct mail. Because it’s possible for a client of mine who sells B2B. Let’s call him D.A. He mailed 34 of my sales letters to decision makers at 14 organizations. Two … Read More

What is Client Cloning?

“I have no idea why everyone’s interested in new clients.” So said Bill Bain, founder of Bain & Company, as quoted by author and former Bain partner, Richard Koch. “We don’t need new clients. We should have built-in growth from existing clients if we’re doing our job correctly,” said Bain. In an interview with Tim Ferriss, Koch went on to … Read More