“Impact of a Sales Force
at a Fraction of the Cost”

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  • And web site traffic isn’t even up yet! We love working with you. It’s been a glorious experience so far, and we’re looking forward to more good times to come!”
    — Anthony Green, Founder and CEO, Green Test Prep, New York, New York

  • — Darcy Juarez, The Team Training Institute/GKIC Insider’s Circle, Chicago, Illinois

  • Seven days ago, I got an offer accepted from a guy — I did no negotiating with him — he got your package in the mail, he called and said yes. I’m going to make $115,000 on that deal. In the last 7 days, I’ve got $250,000 lined up as a result of the work we’ve done with you. I couldn’t be happier with the work that you’ve done for us, Kevin.”
    — Ryan Skalla, Real Estate Investment Properties, Corona, California

  • We’re very happy with the results, which have expanded our market to new cities and created new opportunities for us. Thanks Kevin! We’ll be using you again to create more ads.”
    — Jeff Giagnocavo and Ben McClure, Gardner’s Mattress and More, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  • In recent years, lucky to get 3 to 5 responses. We sold $32,400 in travel packages, including a trip to Tahiti and a Jamaica honeymoon. Great work!”
    — Earl Milbrath, Travel Advisors International, Chanhassen, Minnesota

  • Sometimes even great marketers get so blinded and lost in their own projects, they forget big money sitting plainly on the table. Thanks for opening our eyes to real money that should have been in plain sight. Not sure what I would do without you, Kevin.”
    — Bill Heid, Solutions From Science, Thomson, Illinois

  • …not just in his writing style and results, but how he runs his business. We initially hired Kevin for a one-off project and shortly after retained him for an entire year. He truly understands direct response marketing and is a real salesman in print. Plus, he’s a fantastic person and has a lot of integrity. You can’t go wrong by hiring Kevin.”
    — Josh Kelley, BGI Marketing Systems, Florence, Alabama

  • The Client Reactivation Sequence of letters you created for us more than paid off.

    In just one example, an inactive client came back and purchased the following as a result of the letters you wrote: a $5,262 project, then a $1,517 project, followed by project worth at least $19,287 — maybe more. That’s only one client; there were others.”
    — George Platt, President, Harty Integrated Solutions, New Haven, Connecticut