More Clients Like Your Best Clients



Attention: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners ...

More Clients Like Your Best Clients


Hi, I'm Kevin Donlin.

And I can give you more clients like your best clients.


With sales letters, print ads, web pages and email promotions that put more money in your bank account. Or you pay nothing.

That's right. If you're not 100% delighted with the results you get from my services, you pay nothing. This unconditional money-back guarantee is good for 365 days -- one full year.

Who else will do that for you? Nobody.

However. There is a catch. You must qualify ...

I work only with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing executives.

No "wantrepreneurs" ... no start-ups ... and nobody without a marketing budget, please. And I'm usually booked 3-6 weeks out, so no "rush" projects.

Are you and I a good fit? You might be my ideal client if ...

In fact, my best copywriting clients are members of Dan Kennedy's private Titanium Mastermind Coaching Group or his Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle. These people are smart marketers and already successful.

They just need my fresh perspective ...


(That's me with Dan Kennedy. Two of my ads are featured on
pages 119 and 120 in his book, No BS Branding -- quite an honor)


Now, if you think you qualify, let's talk about how I can grow your business, risk free.

To discover how you can enjoy a surge of new profits -- and claim your Free Strategy Session -- please visit my Catalog of Services.

You'll be glad you did.

Kevin Donlin
Marketing Optimizer + Copywriter


P.S. -- Here's what others say ...




"After we started testing the sales letter that you worked on for us, the phone started to ring, people started to call, and it started to work automatically. Seven days ago, I got an offer accepted from a guy -- I did no negotiating with him -- he got your package in the mail, he called and said yes. I'm going to make $115,000 on that deal. In the last 7 days, I've got $250,000 lined up as a result of the work we've done with you. I couldn't be happier with the work that you've done for us, Kevin. It's money well spent."

-- Ryan Skalla, Real Estate Investment Properties, Corona, California


"Kevin, everyone is thrilled with the copywriting and consulting you've done so far. We've had more than 16 orders in the past two days at the new $397 price -- over $6,300. That's well over $1 Million in extra revenue that I'm expecting this year. And web site traffic isn't even up yet! We love working with you. It's been a glorious experience so far, and we're looking forward to more good times to come!"
-- Anthony Green, Founder and CEO, Green Test Prep, New York, New York


"Within 24 hours ... I put the principles into practice by making some calls to existing clients for my company. One call netted a sale for $193,000 ... not a bad way to start the day. This stuff works!"
-- David Bullock, Fanuc Robotics, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


"We crushed it! Sold $115,000+ and 365 packages after 746 people tuned into the webcast! Unbelievable. I’m still in amazement and pinching myself! Mars said that I broke all sorts of records for a 'newbie' doing his first webcast launch. Your promotional emails and marketing advice helped us fill the webcast with attendees, and for that I thank you."

-- Michael Rozbruch, Tax & Business Solutions Academy, Studio City, California


"Kevin Donlin created an outstanding magazine ad for us. We're in a very competitive industry and we measure the ROI on our marketing down to the penny, so we know a good ad when we see one. Kevin's ad was a home run -- we got more than 100 potential customers with a 15% immediate conversion rate in the door and sales totaling $45,000. Plus we got 85 more leads that we can bring into the store and sell to later. Our total return on investment was better than 10 to 1. Our minimum requirement is 3 to 1 so Kevin delivered 3x our expectation! We're very happy with the results, which have expanded our market to new cities and created new opportunities for us. Thanks Kevin! We'll be using you again to create more ads."

-- Jeff Giagnocavo and Ben McClure, Gardner's Mattress and More, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


"We send clients to Kevin Donlin on a regular basis because he has a proven track record of success. Kevin is simply the best. We love the fact that when we refer a client to him, they come back to us RAVING about his work."

-- Craig Simpson, Simpson Direct, Inc., Grants Pass, Oregon


"Gary Halbert and I were partners for almost a decade. If we would have had you looking over our shoulders, we would have made a lot more money. I mean that! Sometimes even great marketers get so blinded and lost in their own projects, they forget big money sitting plainly on the table. Thanks for opening our eyes to real money that should have been in plain sight. Not sure what I would do without you, Kevin."

-- Bill Heid, Solutions From Science, Thomson, Illinois


"We mailed the letter Kevin wrote. It was our first time to send a direct-mail promotion like this to existing accounts already on the books. The results were pretty incredible -- $77,098 in new revenues, with more to come by the end of the year. The return on investment for your services was off the charts!"
-- Jeff Prouty, Chairman and Founder, the Prouty Project, Eden Prairie, Minnesota


"The Client Reactivation Sequence of letters you created for us more than paid off. In just one example, an inactive client came back and purchased the following as a result of the letters you wrote: a $5,262 project, then a $1,517 project, followed by project worth at least $19,287 -- maybe more. That's only one client; there were others."

-- George Platt, President, Harty Integrated Solutions, New Haven, Connecticut


"Your first letter performed outstanding! We got $2.41 in revenue for every name mailed. Craig said he would have been happy with 50 cents. Nice start. I guess you don't have to refund your fee now!"

-- Steve Adams, President, Pets Supplies PLUS, Muskegon, Michigan


"Kevin, thanks for your work on promoting my new office grand opening! We mailed your sales letters to current patients (in my database) and prospective patients (in my new building). The final tally was 17 new patients, who will bring in at least $46,750 in lifetime value. Doing some more math, I made back $17.34 for every $1 I invested in your services. That's pretty fantastic. I would say that hiring you more than paid off!"
-- Dr. Casey Moore, Moore Chiropractic, Edina, Minnesota


"I've made $5,000 from your sales letter already and close to $9,000 when you count pending sales -- and we haven't even mailed all the letters. I'm projecting $25,000 to $30,000 from this when it's all said and done. I've tried sending out sales letters before but had mediocre results. I'm very happy with the results so far and I'm looking forward to our next project next month!"

-- Greg Lucas, Owner, Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning, Fife, Washington


"In our initial email, we had a total of 30 phone calls and email requests for assistance from 2,291 emails sent. Far better response than we have ever had before. In recent years, lucky to get 3 to 5 responses. We sold $32,400 in travel packages, including a trip to Tahiti and a Jamaica honeymoon. Great work!"

-- Earl Milbrath, Travel Advisors International, Chanhassen, Minnesota


"We had very good results from the direct marketing letter Kevin Donlin wrote for my commercial cleaning company. I got one large account with a mall and 3 additional accounts with Wal-Mart. I had to stop mailing letters because I can't handle any more work -- a nice problem to have. I thank you for that."

-- Rob MacDougall, Crown Property Maintenance, Urbandale, Iowa


"Before working with Kevin, I was getting new clients from the newspaper at a net of about $12 each. But using the ad Kevin wrote for my insurance agency, I got 6 new clients from one small-town newspaper at a net of $92.50 each on their first purchase, with a great chance to sell them additional services later. Kevin's ads are a marketing machine I can depend on. Thanks, Kevin!"

-- Greg Young, Greg Young Insurance Agency, Hugo, Minnesota


"Kevin is by far the very best copywriter I have ever worked with, not just in his writing style and results but how he runs his business. He always hits deadlines and is super organized. We initially hired Kevin for a one off project and shortly after retained him for an entire year. He truly understands direct response marketing and is a real salesman in print. I don't ever see us not working with him in some capacity. Plus, he's a fantastic person and has a lot of integrity. You can't go wrong by hiring Kevin."

-- Josh Kelley, BGI Marketing Systems, Florence, Alabama


"We're so glad we hired Kevin Donlin to create a promotion for our fitness studio! He wrote a cost-effective mailing piece that grossed more than $15,000 on just one letter mailed to a VERY competitive market. Our return on investment was at least 200%, not counting referrals later. We asked Kevin to write a second campaign for us to mail because we were very, very happy with the outcome!"

-- Chris and Carolyn Box, Outside the Box Fitness, Edmonton, Alberta


"Kevin 'gets it!' His efforts were indispensable in rolling out a new product to the right market in a timely manner. He has helped my firm get business from long inactive clients, while also growing incremental revenue from recent or even existing projects. You will enjoy working with him. I do and will continue to be his customer."

-- Terry Slattery, CEO, Slattery Sales Group, Edina, Minnesota


"Kevin helped grow my business! For nearly a year now, I've seen my revenues nearly double and it's all done with a simple, new concept that anyone can duplicate. It's a great program and Kevin gives fantastic service, in that he offers after-sale support with followup emails and even refers work over. Cheers!"

-- Matt Reid, RAZOR Web Design Ltd., Pukekohe, New Zealand


"I wanted a video sample I could send as a marketing piece and I needed help with the wording of the script. I've made 5 times the investment back on what I paid Kevin. It's been awesome -- invaluable. An event planner went to my website, saw the video, and sent me an email that said, 'I don't think you're within our budget, but we'll do anything we can to get you in.' She wrote me a $5,000 check just to come. She'll let me sell products, too, and keep 100%. So it's a home run, slam dunk, and that one event is worth way more than I paid Kevin to write the script. If you want a return on your investment and copy that you can make money from, Kevin's the guy."
-- Keefe Duterte, Allstate Agency Owner/National Speaker, Scott Depot, West Virginia


"I've hired Kevin Donlin for multiple projects over the past 3 years, and this latest might have been the best yet. He wrote and designed a flyer for my financial services firm that helped fill the room with qualified attendees for two different seminars. We distributed the flyer to residents in 3 cities where there are dozens of competitors. I'm thrilled with the turnout we got at our seminars and our ROI on this project!"
-- Jim Bear, J Alan Financial, Maple Grove, Minnesota


"Unlike so many self-proclaimed so-called gurus or experts, who talk a big story but haven't practiced what they preach, Kevin is a humble, unassuming, and very generous and giving person -- a person I'm proud to call colleague, mentor and most especially ... friend. If you're serious about your business or career, I'd suggest that you contact him at your earliest convenience."

-- Martin Howey, TopLine Business Solutions, Mesa, Arizona


"I can't tell you how impressed we are with you. Lately we have bumped into many overconfident, arrogant service providers who do not offer any satisfaction guarantee. You, on the other hand, who are among the best in your field, are humble, you guarantee your work, and most importantly to us, you are truly interested in making our business grow. We can't thank you enough."

-- Robert Belobrajdic, Stay Loyal, Mt. Pritchard, NSW, Australia


"I am so grateful you came into our lives. You wrote our '20-year anniversary' sales letter of appreciation -- this resulted in 50+ service calls. Nothing could be finer!!! You helped us develop a sales script. Priceless! My conversion rate on price-shopping Dex callers has improved significantly. You constantly call us or email information that may help out. You are a pit bull advocate for your clients and don't ignore us once the check is cashed!"

-- Kathleen Brogan, Co-Owner/Manager, All Mechanical Services, Richfield, Minnesota


"Kevin has done a great job for us. The postcards have been very successful. We are generating 4 times the response we were able to generate on our own and the payback is about 3:1. In fact, we are so happy with the results that we are developing new direct-mail campaigns with Kevin to further leverage this initial success. He is very responsive, deadline driven, and actually listens to our needs. We are very satisfied with our return on investment."

-- Joshua Haberman and Todd Bacon, Alexander & Haberman Insurance, St. Paul, Minnesota


"Kevin did the copywriting for my web site and I LOVE it. It's a web site I'm actually proud to send people to. Last week, I hired my own speech coach and we were talking on Friday. She said, 'I went to your web site and it's fantastic. It is so authentic and it sounds like you are talking to me. It really captures your personality.' That's just a great testimonial to the quality of work he does and how he was able to capture my unique personality. If you don't love your web site, I would talk to Kevin, because he does an amazing job!"

-- Deirdre Van Nest, Speaker and Performance Coach, Fire Your Fear LLC, Edina, Minnesota


"I wish I would have started working with Kevin years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and rewrites! Kevin works hard to understand what my business is all about, and then creates the copy that says it just perfectly. In addition to providing great content for my business, he is absolutely the best when it comes to client service. It is always a pleasure working with him. I know -- I'm a repeat client!"

-- Gaye Lindfors, Owner, Significant Solutions, Inc. and President, National Speakers Association-MN Chapter


"Kevin knows how to market and generate profits! As a successful business owner myself for more than 10 years, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about profitable growth. But every time I listen to Kevin, I come away with at least one new strategy or tactic that puts money in my bank account -- more often than not, a lot of money. If you're looking to increase your revenues and profits, I strongly recommend listening to Kevin."
-- Steven Rothberg, President and Founder,


"Having spent 12 years as an award-winning copywriter on Madison Avenue, I've seen my share of books and articles on the subject ... Kevin has clearly read the masters and condensed it all down into crisp and accessible material. To sum up, any and all can learn lots from Kevin. I can't tell you the last time I said that."
-- Larry Chase, Publisher, Web Digest For Marketers


P.P.S. -- You may have seen me on Fox 9 News ... read my tips in Minnesota Business or Upsize magazine ... or heard me on AM 1570 Radio


I know, I know. I look like a bomb scientist. But I'm super friendly in person ...

I know. I look like a German bomb scientist. But you're paying for my brains, not my looks :-)





P.P.P.S. -- I donate 10% of all revenue to charities like International Christian Concern (helping persecuted Christians worldwide), Lift Fund (helping launch entrepreneurs), Union Gospel Mission (helping the homeless and addicted), and Animal Rescue Foundation (rescuing dogs and cats abandoned at high-kill shelters).

When you and I work together, we help each other and we help others in need. Win-win.

To discover how you can enjoy a surge of new profits -- and claim your Free Strategy Session -- please visit my Catalog of Services.